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Possible Consequences of Hobby Lobby Ruling


It’s been a few days since the Supreme Court sided with the Hobby Lobby verdict and I’m still adjusting to my shock.  I really didn’t think they would win, but they did.  I don’t work at Hobby Lobby, but the consequences of this decision is that my boss can now say what medical care I can and cannot have covered by my insurance based on his or her religious beliefs.  Awesome.  Though I don’t know why I was surprised.  Policing women’s bodies and attempting to control their sexuality?

That train is never late.

But what now?  As Ruth Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice said in her dissent, “The court, I feel, has ventured into a minefield.”  Most disturbing of all is that the basis for their objection is not even scientifically sound.  There is the simple fact that HELLO!  IUD’s ARE NOT ABORTIONS!!


That their claim is not backed up by science is of no matter.  It’s what they “sincerely believe” that counts when it comes to stripping women of their bodily autonomy.  While many do not bat an eye when it comes to taking away birth control I see no end to the ways employers can find loopholes to withhold insurance coverage from their employees if all it takes is citing a “sincere religious belief.”


1.)Unwed MothersAny coverage for prenatal and pregnancy care can possibly be denied if the employer cites only children produced in a marriage state will be covered.  This discrimination could continue after the child is born, not covering the child after birth.

 2.)GBLT People – The SCOTUS decision wasn’t even a week old before some people jumped on this bandwagon.  Religious organizations are already trying to use the verdict to discriminate.  Forget about medical coverage, it’s against my religious beliefs to even hire you.  Don’t let the door knock you on your way out.

3.)Blood Transfusions – Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in them.  Get in a car wreck? Tough luck, you’re paying for it yourself.  Or just bleed out.  You know.  Whatever.

4.)Gluttony is a sin – Bad joints, high blood pressure, diabetes medication or surgery?  Sorry.  It’s my sincere religious belief that I shouldn’t have to pay for it.  Should’ve put down the cheeseburgers Fatty.

5.)STD’s – It’s my sincere religious belief that you’re out of luck…though you’ll possibly get covered if you’re married.  I haven’t decided yet.   Since I’m the boss and get to decide it will be whatever my whim is.

6.)You’re Body is a Temple – So that pesky lung cancer you caught from cigarettes?  Yeah….you’re on your own.  Come to think of it if you catch any cancer derived from not eating 100% organic food all the time, well that’s rough.  Sucks to be you.  You violated my sincere beliefs and I’m not paying for it.

7.)Muslim Boss? – A women’s naked form shouldn’t be seen by anyone save their husband.  Do you want to see a Doctor without the presence of your husband and have it paid for by insurance?  Tough titty said the kitty.

8.) Mental Health Medications – Watch out Californians, Scientologists don’t believe in mental health meds.  So if you’re bi-polar and in the middle of a nervous break or suicidally depressed maybe you should take some long walks in the woods while listening to classical music.  I’ve heard that helps.

9.) Genital Mutilation Reconstruction – Is your boss an immigrant from a part of Africa that cuts women’s clitorises off in the name of female purity?  Well, you’re not getting an operation that can restore partial sensation, women shouldn’t have any sexual feeling.  It’s my sincere religious belief.

But hey, maybe this law has some benefits.  I’ve decided it’s against my beliefs to pay back my student loans.  The Bible says all debts after seven years are forgiven.  Woo Hoo!!


For now there’s not much that can be done.  The Supreme Court is the end of the line.  Yeah, I can vote with my wallet and go to Michael’s instead of Hobby Lobby (and believe me, I’m never setting a toe in there again) but this decision and the ramifications goes well beyond a craft store.

I guess all there is to do now is wait until the 2014 November elections.  Since 99% of sexually active women use some form of birth control in their lives it’s pretty safe to say we’re quite fond of our whore pills.  We’ll just have to use our votes since our opinions on this matter mattered so little to the 5 judges (all men by the way) that dismissed us.


If conservatives are worried that this move might have alienated a huge selection of women beyond repair, I say to them, “Don’t worry, we’re not mad….”




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