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Robin Thicke’s Twitter Fiasco


I am a firm believer in the First Amendment and Free Speech.  Feminism is not a universally popular or embraced sentiment by any means and I exercise that right every time I make a blog post.  I have no interest in censoring anyone, nor banning anybody.  I further more do not want to live in a country that bans or censors art or artists.

So when Robin Thicke sings in his breakout hit  “Blurred Lines”  “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two”  I think it’s violent and misogynist, but he has the right to say it.  People are allowed to vote with their wallets, and the rapey “Blurred Lines” was one of the most downloaded songs of 2013.

I knew Robin Thicke was sexist, but when I saw his new single “Get Her Back” I was disturbed further that he seemed to be crossing the line into that of an abusive domestic partner.  His wife Paula left him because of (allegedly) rampant reports of infidelity.  In the video Thicke posts an exchange of texts between him and his ex in an attempt to publicly shame his wife into coming back to him.

The most creepy part of this video is quick flashes of himself holding a his hand like a gun to his head.  One of the most stereotypical tactics of an abuser is to threaten to kill themselves if their partner doesn’t return to them.  It is an attempt to manipulate at a very primal and base level.

So yeah.  All in all? Not a fan of Robin Thicke.

When VH1 posted a hashtag for questions intended for Thicke to answer I’m not sure if they expected the flurry of sarcastic questions  or not.  Instead of questions about his favorite foods or his newly released album they received hundreds of scathing responses in their Q & A.


Thicke 2

Thi cke pics



There has been some noise that Thicke shouldn’t be shamed in public.  But the thing is making rapey and misogynist music IS SHAMEFUL!  The right that he has to make sexist art is the same right the public  has to call him on it.

Speaking of Twitter, the infamous ‘Shit My Dad Says’ Tweet pretty much sums up how I feel on the subject:

“1st amendment doesn’t protect assholes from criticism. The right to act like an asshole and be called an asshole’s the same fucking right.”


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